Stonegate Mortgage

Was founded in 2003 by Thomas Quann and is one of the largest independently owned mortgage companies in Massachusetts. Stonegate possesses the experience required to navigate consumers through the difficult process of obtaining a great mortgage loan, and their expertise has helped it to grow even at a time when many other companies were suffering during the Great Recession of 2007. More than half a billion dollars of closed loan volume passes through Stonegate, and the company has expanded to multiple offices and are licensed in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut – as well as its home state of Massachusetts.


What is at the heart of Stonegate’s continued success? Simple: the understanding of how to treat customers. Every Advisor at Stonegate understands and shares the innovative vision of making the mortgage lending process easy for their clients, treating them the way they would like to be treated during the process.

How is our method of treating clients innovative? Most lending companies will pass customers from loan officer to processor to closer – involving an unnecessary number of people in the process. At Stonegate Mortgage, advisors work with clients from “Hello” to “Close”! We ensure that clients receive personalized assistance from a single associate – giving the clients a sense of security that Stonegate has greater control over the entire process. Our motto is simple: “Every Client, Every Time, Without Fail”.


All of our Mortgage Advisors work on your loans full time and are immensely dedicated to their craft. We do not believe in part time loan officers doing your mortgage part time. We take your mortgage seriously.