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Stonegate Mortgage differentiates ourselves from the competition in many ways. When it comes to hiring, we focus on three main areas making Stonegate Mortgage the ideal workplace to have a mortgage career. “Comp, Character & Culture” is what we preach. We know that if we offer one of the most competitive comp packages in the industry, find individuals who are the right character and immerse them in our culture, this very combination makes Stonegate one of the best places to work. Stonegate Mortgage not only offers the most competitive rates in the industry with real-time pricing engines, but combined with our cutting edge sales system tools, in-depth loan officer training, top-flight management, paperless work flow and our powerful microcloud® systems, we know it amounts to a competitive advantage for our loan officers.

Feel free to submit your information and resume below, we look forward to seeing if you are a great fit for our company!

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